CompEndium Background

Founding Mission
Founded in 1993 by a practicing physician, CompEndium is revolutionizing the way workers' compensation claims are managed and, in the process, drastically altering the experiences of both the employer and the employee, both of whom occupy key positions in each case.

CompEndium was founded on the premise that medical professionals, rather than administrative personnel, should manage work comp cases and should initiate management at the moment of injury. By offering a completely unique version of medical management for work comp cases, the mission of CompEndium was to provide the highest level of services in the nation as gauged by medical outcomes, managed care standards, physicians network viability, accessibility and performance, and sound administrative practices.

CompEndium has expanded its services in direct response to our customers needs.


CompEndium' Competitive Advantages

CompEndium offers a product/service that addresses the needs and concerns of the three primary parties in any claim ...employers, employees and physicians ...creating win-win-win results that are nonexistent in traditional
systems of third party administration and benefit management.

Typically, the EMPLOYER is the last to know. With our processes, the employer is included in all communications relative to their employees' benefit issues. We pride ourselves in serving as an extension of your company. We’ll know your company’s goals and budget as well as the "ins and outs" of your insurance policies – and administer claims with both in mind.

We charge ourselves with the responsibility of providing prompt, personal service to employees while making sure that they adhere to the privileges and responsibilities of their coverage.

Bottom-Line Results

The average CompEndium Services workers’ compensation claims cost is just under $3,000, approximately 1/3 national average.

CompEndium historically reduces medical costs for clients by 30 percent in the first year.

CompEndium historically reduces indemnity costs for clients by 40 percent in the first year.

CompEndium historically reduces the use of traditional outside case management by 96 percent.

Annual surveys among CompEndium clients consistently indicate a 96 percent or higher approval rating.

Annual surveys among injured employees whose claims are managed by CompEndium consistently indicate a 95 percent or higher approval rating.

In annual surveys, 95 percent of providers in the CompEndium Services network indicate that they are "very satisfied" with the CompEndium Services system.


Company Information

Brief History:

CompEndium grew out of a local and regional pilot program in which extensive research was conducted on the three key players and those most affected in work comp claims: employees, employers and physicians.

Armed with this knowledge, CompEndium launched its innovative Managed Care services, closely followed by the addition of third party administration and claims administration services. Today, CompEndium provides coverage for more than 200,000 lives across the United States.


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