Employer Benefits :

While helping to ensure that clients' employees receive top-quality care, CompEndium Services' approach also assists employers in addressing their overall benefit administration management challenges.

CompEndium Services reduces:

Transitional Duty Programs

Lost time means lost profits. Our Transitional Duty program provides an added coverage that can pay big dividends to employees and employers alike. Even with the best Workers' Compensation and non-subscription programs, the road to recovery can be longer than desirable. With CompEndium’s Transitional Duty program, employers and employees no longer have to play the waiting game.
Getting an employee back to work, even with limitations, is critical to recovery. Staying active with transitional or light duty work is critical to the individual's return to a productive lifestyle with financial security and self-esteem.
Here are the program highlights:

Also note that:

CompEndium Services maintains OSHA 200 logs for clients who desire it.
CompEndium Services provides First Report of Injury for workers’ compensation to employers within one business day of the accident being reported.
Through its proprietary software, CompEndium Services provides clients with 24-hour, real-time access to claims information including:

Results-Driven Systems

No matter what your needs, CompEndium Services delivers results.

CompEndium Services streamlines businesses' processes by providing innovative benefit management solutions supplemented by customary, non-medical TPA/Carrier services.

CompEndium Services predicts savings so clients can see what they'll get and what they'll save from the outset.

CompEndium Services has consistently lowered clients' overall workers' comp costs by an average of 38 percent.

CompEndium Services prides itself on disclosing all costs at the outset of any client relationship, and arranging a flat monthly fee based on the number of employees and the type of industry.

CompEndium Services also applies its revolutionary, results-driven approach to existing or aging claims, rapidly closing the cases when traditional TPA systems have failed to do so.

Satisfaction Rates

Annual surveys among CompEndium Services clients consistently indicate a 96 percent or higher approval rating.

Annual surveys among employees whose claims are managed by CompEndium Services consistently indicate a 95 percent or higher approval rating.

In annual surveys, 95 percent of providers in the CompEndium Services network indicate that they are "very satisfied" with the CompEndium Services system.

Other Key Statistics

Workers’ Compensation:

CompEndium Services begins medical management in a claim at the moment of injury, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while traditional TPAs/Carriers customarily become involved 7 to 21 days following an incident and/or only after receiving a First Report of Injury.

Less than 10 percent of CompEndium Services-managed claims are litigated.

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