Group Health Administration:

Employee healthcare benefits are most likely one of the most important benefits on which your employees rely. Consequently, benefit administration is one of the most labor-intensive personnel functions an employer will encounter. Working with healthcare vendors, responding to employee inquiries, and processing the mountain of paperwork that goes along with administering healthcare plans can rob an employer of precious time and money that could be used on revenue-producing activities.

Your best defense against costly workplace litigation, poor employee morale, and lost employee productivity is the implementation and communication of sound personnel policies and procedures. A dedicated HR Nurse consultant is available to assist your managers and employees with:

CompEndium Services' management approach includes a unique emphasis on the roles of Benefit Administrators.
Unlike traditional TPAs, insurers, major carriers or other benefit administration companies, CompEndium Services staffs its front lines with teams of highly credentialed nurses who are assigned exclusively to specific clients and are the first point of contact after every injury occurs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
CompEndium Services HR management personnel also possess extraordinary experience in OSHA rules and regulations.

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