What We Offer:

CompEndium Services Inc. provides Human Resource services to companies of all sizes. Our high-level HR services are flexible to meet the needs of any company in any industry.

We provide comprehensive Human Resource and Benefit Management services to employees for substantially less cost to you than providing the same services in-house.

We decrease employer liability and increase employee retention by creating a positive relationship between employer and employee based on a fair, effective and professional administration of company HR and benefit policies. This allows Employers to focus on their core, strategic business lines and activities that generate revenue and profit.

CompEndium saves your company time, money and precious resources by responding to all employment related inquires. CompEndium Services predicts savings and guarantees results so clients can see what they'll get and what they'll save from the outset.

CompEndium Services has consistently lowered clients' overall workers' compensation costs by an average of 38 percent.

Personal Attention:

CompEndium Services approaches the human resource process with revolutionary strategies that truly lower claims costs rather than simply funding the cases differently, without sacrificing optimal medical and non-medical outcomes for the employee and the employer.

Some of our Strategies:

To understand each client's unique benefit needs, CompEndium Services first examines the business' work environment, the benefit programs and processes as well as illness/injury history data. Armed with this knowledge, we build specialty networks, Employer Provider Networks (EPO) of providers around each employer facility, then train and prepare the providers as well as employer personnel.

Unlike traditional TPAs or insurers and major carriers, CompEndium Services staffs its front lines with teams of highly credentialed nurses who are assigned exclusively to specific clients and are the first point of contact. We are available to your employees, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Employers receive verbal and written reports of each medical event. The ratios of claims managers-to-claims and adjusters-to-claims at CompEndium Services are 1-to-100 or lower respectively, as compared to industry averages of 1-to-200 or more.